Weight Lifting; The Key To (relatively) Easy Weight Loss

So what's better for your weight loss goals: Cardio Or Weight Lifting?

Well it's not an easy question to answer, and there are other factors to consider, but it has to be said, resistance based training can be really effective for easy weight loss; or more to the point, losing fat.

Weight Lifting Builds Muscle

You burn calories in 2 different ways. First there is all the moving about you do during the day, whether it be exercise or just walking up the stairs at night.

The other way you burn calories is by living, breathing, digesting food and generally keeping your body ticking over.

The brilliant thing about muscle is that is has to be maintained. Which means that the more muscle you have the more energy is burned just to keep you working.

So by doing a little weight lifting you not only burn calories during the exercise but you increase your calorie burning ability in the long run. Meaning that you can lose weight without eating less!

Stop With The Excuses

Many people, women in particular shun the idea of lifting weights because they claim that they don't want to get too muscly. The reality though is that a little muscle looks good.

You might not want to look like a body builder, but that is not a reason not to lift weights. Getting as well built as a body builder takes years of hard work - it doesn't happen by accident and you're not going to suddenly look like the hulk just because you pick up a barbell.

It's All About Body Fat %

We should probably actually get one thing straight. If you start weight lifting or resistance training you will probably actually gain weight, because you will be building muscle at the same time as burning fat.

What you need to realize is that your goal isn't to lose weight. It is to lose fat.

What really matters is your percentage body fat - if you can lower your % you will look slimmer even if you haven't lost an ounce of actual fat. Which means that building muscle alone might well make you thinner because quite simply, increasing your muscle mass lowers your bodyfat %.

So that's why weight lifting offers an easy way to boost your weight loss. Of course you need to do other things too, but toning up a little might just give you the boost you need to trim that fat off.