How to Paint a Front Door Made of Wood

If you wish to paint your front wooden door, it's recommended to avoid using any old paint that has been lying in your garage for a long period of time. First of all, it's necessary to select the right type of paint especially for your door. Doing this you'll need to take into consideration the current condition of your door, pre-treatments, and certainly the type of wood from which your door is made. It's an important factor that the selected paint should withstand any abuse being exposed to the elements twenty-four hours a day; of course, if you want your door to stay fresh and look new even after many rains and snowstorms. Continue reading this article and you will learn how to paint a front door made of wood taking into consideration its condition and history.

Dealing with Brand New Doors

If you have to deal with a brand new door that is not painted, you'll need to coat its exterior with a specially created water-based latex primer. Only them you can apply your top coat. As a matter of fact, latex resists any blister and protects the paint from cracking and bubbling.

Good Condition of Painted Doors

If your front door has been painted earlier but it's in a good condition (no blemishes, mildew, cracks, and flaking), you can apply two coats of paint. It can be either latex or oil-based paint. But if the previously applied paint was oil-based, it's necessary to use a primer before applying two coats of paint.

Poor Condition of Painted Doors

If your wooden front door is old enough, it probably has cracks and flaking on it. These blemishes happen if the wood expands and contracts under the influence of weather. As a result, paint is damaged by cracks that lead to flaking off.

If you have to paint this kind of doors, you'll have to face several challenges. If you risk painting over the cracked paint, the flaws will be perfectly seen underneath, no matter how expensive paint you have used and how perfectly you have painted. So, before taking your paint brush, the old paint should be scraped off. You're recommended to put on some protection eye glasses to avoid traumas. Then sand the door until it's smooth. You can use some wood filler if the size of cracks allows and if there're some dings which are difficult to sand. But if there is significant damage or if it takes place under the top layer, you may need to replace the door. sometimes, it may be enough to replace only some sections of wood but it can be made by a professional carpenter only.

After you have sanded the door, clean and dry it properly. Now it's ready to be primed. Apply 1 coat of a good latex primer and two coats of latex or oil-based paint.

Dealing with Crumbles and Checks

Checks are direct consequences of harsh changes in temperatures. In addition, they may occur after improper prepping. While cracks are pronounced and large, checks are more delicate. They are like a hairline on the surface of your exterior wooden door. As the crack is not as big as to be scraped away, it can be simply sanded to make the surface flat. Them this place should be properly cleaned and dried after what you can freely apply primer. Wait until this substance dries before applying two coats of oil-based or latex paint.

Now you know how to paint a front door made of wood and as you can see, sometimes this process requires much patience and work. To avoid serious problems, it's recommended to paint your doors before they start cracking, checking, peeling, or crumbling.