French Brittany Temperament and Lifespan

It is a sporting hunting setter dog. The dog breed is hunting on all kinds of birds living in the field and on the hill. It prefers galloping, overcoming great distances. The style of work is "hooking", a distance of about 50-100 meters in both directions.

Thrill of the hunt, instincts and intelligence of these dogs are the fruit of the work of breeders and one of the main advantages of the breed. Puppies begin to work early, when they are 4-5 months. They are resistant to temperature, can work in a heat as well as at low temperature, of course, within the reasonable limits.

In addition to the hunting instinct this dog is a great guard. This makes French Brittany particularly popular, more The breed has earned respect not only as a hunting dog, but as a partner, capable to deliver a lot of joy to the owner during his 12-14 years of life.

How Much Does a French Brittany Cost and Price Range

The price range varies from $300 to $800 usually depending on the breeder as well as on the place you are going to buy it. The show quality puppies will cost you more than pet quality puppies without the documents proving its pedigree.

French Brittany Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Compact, strong built dog of medium size, relatively high on the impression of tireless and agile runner. Strong, mobile, energetic and fast moving breed. Strong and powerful composition,but without coarseness - a characteristic feature of the breed. Without the tail or docked tail which is about 10 cm long.

The height is about 44,5-52 cm. Weight is 13.5 - 18 kg. Dog is moderately high on the format - square. The body length is approximately equal to the height at the withers (from the glenohumeral joint to the ischial tuberosity). The backbone is strong but not rude. Disqualifications: height 44.5 cm below or above 52 cm.

The color is orange and white, white or roan (orange roan, liver-roan - a mixture of colored and white hairs). Standard color is spotted or piebald.

Tri-color color is permitted, but not desirable. Tri-color dog is considered to be liver-white color with classic tan orange color on the eyebrows, face and cheeks, the inside of the ears, under the tail. Orange specks are on the lower extremities.

Flaws: blurred, faded colors; fallen in other parts of the body other than these.

Disqualifications: black in color.

French Brittany Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

As for the origin of this breed, perhaps, its roots are in Brittany, France. There is a story that red-speckled English setter, owned by the Count of Brittany, interbred some local Breton female and this is how French Brittany appeared.

French Brittany treats children and other pets good, if there is the socialization at an early age. Puppies of this breed are full of energy, love rushing, running, playing, so kids will be happy having fun with this dog.