Characteristics of People Potential Suicide

Suicide is the act of a person who planned to end his life. Suicide is not spontaneous, but rather the actions that occurred after the triggered all sorts of things.

Among them they have family problems, depression because of love problems, economic problems, until the problem in such isolated environments. These problems can make them think suicide to solve the problem. In fact, suicide is not the way to completely eliminate the problems of life.

"One of them feel alone and hopeless in the face of life issues that can no longer see the positive side of life," said the psychologist, Tiwin Herman in discussions commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day at the Ibis Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (15/9 / 2014).

For that, someone who could naturaful potentially commit suicide recognizable traits or symptoms, look naturaful reviews. These characteristics should be identified so that you can act to prevent someone committing suicide. The following characteristics.

Changes in attitudes and emotions

Someone who is thinking of suicide will experience a change in attitude and behavior. If the person previously known figure of the cheerful, it will turn into a recluse. Additionally irritable, quick to anger, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. When they are no longer able to face the problem. They will also feel sad and cry often.

Pulling away from the environment

When trouble comes, some people choose to be alone. Slowly, they pulled out of the community or the environment. They also are not eager to undergo daily activities.

Talking about death

Someone who is thinking of suicide can also be shown by discussing the problem of death. For example, issuing the sentence, "If I die this way", "I'm going to kill myself", or "why life is better for me to die". In addition, they feel hopeless, worthless, or helpless by issuing the sentence "I can't anymore", "I am no longer able to", "I have failed and become a burden", "others will be happy without me" , and so on.

Hurt yourself

Symptoms were severe enough that began hurting yourself. For example, not eating, slashed with a razor blade or knife hand and taking repellent. This includes suicide attempts.

Providing goods or money specifically

You need to be suspicious when a close relative suddenly gave his favorite things suddenly. Besides, we can also give money specifically for no reason. Not only that, suddenly he also apologized to the people he knew.

Religious fanatics or vice versa

In addition to the above symptoms, tend to want to kill someone who could also suddenly fanatics to religion. It could also be the opposite, that does not believe in god.

The role of friends, family, lovers, and relatives are needed to prevent someone from committing suicide. "We should be able to take, can capture implicit than explicit. It is unspoken, "said Tiwin.